My name is Sarah Gardiner. People ask me why sugar diner? Ironically, it is predictive text for my name. It therefore felt fitting to use it to document my journeys and discoveries.

My blog is about travel, food and personal journeys, which may contain both travel and food if I am lucky. Sometimes, it is just about the small stuff. More recently I chose to write about my personal quitting sugar journey, I might as well put that ironic sugary name to use.

But it is not all about sugar, life can be pretty sweet without it. The unknown is ripe for discovery, dipping our toe in it, can put the icing on the cake, if we just let it.

Every journey starts with a single step, right?  This is that step.

Small feet, big steps…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hola Sarah, Angie me dio el link a tu blog, que lindo saber que estas disfrutando, con razon no has leido mi email….muchos saludos para ti y Andi. espero no se asustaron con el terremoto.

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